Neighborhood Security


Public safety is a paramount issue for me. Without safe neighborhoods, businesses can’t operate or function properly, kids can go to school and families life in fear. That’s not sustainable and it’s why throughout my time in public office, I’ve been a strong ally with law enforcement to promote neighborhood security and keep local neighborhoods safe.

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Enhancing Access to Healthcare


Fundamentally, I believe that healthcare ought to be a right over everyone– not a privilege. Health issues affect all of us here in California, and we need leaders that are willing and able to fight for healthcare for our citizens.

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Expanding Immigrants’ Rights


With Washington mired in dysfunction and gridlock which has left states with a broken immigration system, California has been a shining example of what compassionate immigrant rights legislation looks like.

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Protecting Our Environment


Despite all that California has accomplished when it comes to tough environmental policy — there is nonetheless much more we need to do to address climate change’s persistent challenges.

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The Economy & Job Creation


As the premier state economy in America, and the eighth largest economy in the world, California has been pioneering economic growth since it first joined the United States. Our state’s economy consistently rates above many countries, so I know California has the potential to experience unparalleled economic growth.

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Steve Bradford believes that the power of collective bargaining gives workers a strong voice to fight for fair wages, benefits, decent hours, and safe working conditions.

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