light and word of Human Rights for background

To truly address homelessness we must be willing to battle the long held stigma of affordable housing. We must realize that there are working families who unfortunately may never enjoy home ownership due to its astronomical cost and predatorily lending that still exist in our banking industry. Not until true reform is embraced in this market, will this issue be solved. A housed person, is also a healthier person.

Moreover, as California’s economy continues to recover from the great recession, we must continue to make strides in helping homeless individuals get back on their feet. The problem of homelessness has plagued communities for years, and despite our best intentions, people continue to suffer without the means to support themselves. This problem is especially poignant in relation to homeless women, children, veterans. We Californians have a responsibility to help these people and ensure they are treated like the human beings they are. Homelessness is not a problem that will go away by simply ignoring it, and I am therefore firmly committed to working hard to invest more and implement programs that increase the availability of permanent affordable housing, transitional housing, mental health services, job-training, and other proactive steps necessary to improve the lives of homeless individuals and to help get them off the streets.