With Washington mired in dysfunction and gridlock which has left states with a broken immigration system, California has been a shining example of what compassionate immigrant rights legislation looks like. In the Assembly, I’m proud to have voted to support the California DREAM Act which helps provide financial aid to undocumented children who have already been attending school in our state and are in good academic standing. I also voted for the state’s forward-thinking law to provide drivers licenses to undocumented individuals in California. And I strongly supported and advocated for California’s law to provide healthcare for undocumented children in our state. These common sense policies embody how I feel about immigrants and the compassion that I believe the government should bring to these folks who are real people and who simply want the chance for a better life. Unfortunately, it’s increasingly looking like more of the status-quo coming from Washington and so in the State Senate I plan to work vigorously to continue ensuring California leads by example on advancing sensible, compassionate immigrant rights laws.