Expanding Access to Healthcare

Accessibility to health care in America has improved significantly. The Affordable Care Act and Covered California have made it easier for Californians to gain access to healthcare. However, there are still too many people who are not able to get the medical care they need. Healthcare should not be a privilege, but a right. Every American, regardless of income level, should have easily accessible and high-quality medical care. In the Senate, I will make it a priority to provide hard working Americans the healthcare they need and deserve. The State of California recently provided undocumented individuals access to affordable medical care. I am a strong supporter of this action and I plan to work to continue to create universal health care for all.

Increasing the Minimum Wage

I applaud the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County’s efforts to establish a $15 an hour minimum wage, and i’m proud to have voted to increase the minimum wage in the state in 2013. Beyond the Los Angeles area, I support increasing the minimum wage in the State of California. There are many hardworking men and women who work full time yet are barely able to make ends meet. Poverty continues to run rampant and our communities are lacking the purchasing power to stimulate local economies. Increasing the minimum wage evens the playing field while ensuring all Californians have the resources to be successful. In the Senate, I will work to raise the wage to a livable level to ensure that California continues to prosper.

Collective Bargaining

Hard working men and women make California the great state that it is. The power of collective bargaining gives workers a strong voice to fight for fair wages, benefits, decent hours, and safe working conditions. Unfortunately, this voice and the rights of workers have been threatened. In order to protect this voice, we need to protect the right to collectively bargain. Collective bargaining gives workers the strength to unite and stand up for their rights. As Senator, I will work to protect the rights of workers throughout California and preserve the right of collective bargaining. It is important for working men and women to be able to fight for fair, just, and safe working conditions and I will work to ensure that they have the opportunity to do just that.

Protecting Pensions

Chuck Reed, former Mayor of San Jose, proposed a pension reform which would essentially sacrifice employee pensions in an attempt to improve the budget. This proposed plan gives local governments the power to eliminate the hard earned pensions of public workers. This would take away the retirement security of teachers, firefighters, school bus drivers, and other employees that the government promised them. These people work and dedicate their lives to serving the community and they deserve to live a comfortable life after they retire. I oppose this pension reform and any plan similar to this that strips away the hard earned pensions of public employees.

Project Labor Agreements

I am a strong supporter of Project Labor Agreements. California residents need jobs and California needs help creating these jobs. Increasing the use of Project Labor Agreements is essential in producing these jobs ands stimulating local economies because they require the hiring of local workers along with their fair treatment for local infrastructure projects. As a result, Project Labor Agreements create thousands of local jobs with appropriate and fair working conditions. As Senator, I will make sure that Project Labor Agreements are included in local infrastructure projects throughout California. This will ensure that hard working families are given the jobs, benefits, and wages they deserve. I will also work to increase job and apprentice opportunities for the young people of California so that they receive the training and guidance necessary to earn these high-skilled jobs.