Public safety is a paramount issue for me. Without safe neighborhoods, businesses can’t operate or function properly, kids can go to school and families life in fear. That’s not sustainable and it’s why throughout my time in public office, I’ve been a strong ally with law enforcement to promote neighborhood security and keep local neighborhoods safe. As a member of the California legislature, I have supported myriad laws that aim to combat neighborhood crime and will continue to do so in the future. But the problems facing public safety extend far beyond simply arresting individuals. We need to do a better job of keeping our children off the streets and steering them away from a life of crime. Improving the economic situations of many poorer families and creating after-school programs that create wholesome communities for children are just some of the many ways I have dedicated myself to removing the causes of crime rather than simply waiting around to punish people who make mistakes. Furthermore, California needs to take steps to improve its criminal justice system by providing a path for lesser criminals to reform their lives and one day rejoin society as productive individuals. California‚Äôs prison systems are overcrowded and underfunded, and I do not believe that punishing minor crimes with exorbitant prison sentences is a true solution to any of our public safety concerns. Moreover, it represents an enormous cost to taxpayers. Instead, we ought to promote policies that help low-level, non-violence offenders get services that help them reintegrate into society, learn a skill and get a job. Studies show that doing so will put these people in a position less likely to offend and break the law again. Lastly, we can and must stop incarcerating the mentally ill and move these folks to mental healthcare facility so that they can get the treatment and humane services they need and deserve.